This class consists of infants ranging from 6 weeks - 12 months* of age with a teacher to infant ratio of 1:4.

Children in the infant classroom go through many developmental stages that help them grow and master new skills. During this period of development, most students will progress from breastmilk/formula only to cereal and baby food, and eventually begin to eat table foods. In addition, typical motor development will progress from rolling to sitting unassisted; pulling up; and crawling. Infants will begin to vocalize meaningfully and develop fine motor skills necessary for later concepts such as writing and dressing.

Schedules are tailored to meet the needs of each baby. Teachers plan outdoor play, fine and gross motor activities, and various sensory experiences to enhance student development. Parents are always welcome in the infant classroom. If you are unable to visit, teachers will be happy to share information via text when time allows. Information about weekly curriculum, daily schedules, and menus (when applicable) are posted outside the classroom.

*NOTE: Children are placed in classes based on development, not age.



Katie has an Associates Degree in Child Development from OCCC, as well as 12 years formal and many more years of informal experience with children. She has been at The Launching Pad for several years. Katie and her husband Bill have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Brooke and Summer. As a family, they love to go camping, bike riding, and play games together. In her spare time, Katie enjoys reading, knitting, and lots of other crafty things.

"The first year of a baby's life brings so many changes and developmental stages. I love getting to witness and help them along each milestone!"


Lere has over 10 years of experience with children. She has been with The Launching Pad for almost a year now. She is very involved with her church family, volunteering in her spare time to teach Bible class, cook, or whatever else is needed. She also loves to cook and craft in her spare time.

"I love how children learn so much at different stages of their development"