Three Year Olds

This class consists of children starting at 3* years old with a teacher to child ratio of 1:8.

While your children are in our care, they will go through many developmental stages that will help them grow and learn news tasks in their lives.  Children’s daily activities will  include:  group time, art, and outside play, among other things.  The children play very hard and often get messy, so please dress your child in play clothing and shoes appropriate for outside play.  Each day one student will be class leader.  This student gets to place items on the calendar, lead the line when the class leaves the room, and many other important tasks. 

Milestones: potty training; dressing themselves; and teeth brushing.

Parents will receive a daily updates of their activities throughtout the day on the brightwheel app. Outside the room, you will find a parent information board that will inform you of our daily schedule, menus, and information about our weekly curriculum. 

*NOTE: Children are placed in classes based on development not age.



Debbie has a Bachelors in Early Childhood and 42 years of childcare experience, with 23 of those years being right here at The Launching Pad!  Debbie loves spending time with her family and friends - she has a son, a daughter, three grandsons, and two granddaughters.  She also loves hedgehogs, reading books, and vacationing in Texas and Colorado.

"I love that the Threes can do everything for themselves but still need a little guidance and lots of love."


Meghan has a Certificate of Mastery from OCCC and an Associates degree in Child Development and then plans to pursue a Bachelors degree at UCO.  She has worked with children for six years, and is in her third year here at The Launching Pad!  Meghan enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her dogs Tank and Angus.  She also loves elephants, arts & crafts, and traveling!

"I love the joy the Threes get when doing something on their own for the first time."