The Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center is a secure facility operated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Access is controlled by an FAA-contracted security force. Parents and visitors are required to show identification upon entering the facility.   

The Launching Pad building is also secured via a magnetic key card security system.  Persons using electronic entry cards shall not hold the door open for the admission of others, including other parents.  Two card keys are provided upon enrollment.  If a card is lost and requires replacement, a fee is required.  Upon withdrawal from the center, card keys must be surrendered, or a fee will be assessed.

 All children shall be dropped off and picked up each day by an authorized adult.  Parents must submit a written permission slip, or call ahead of time to change the listing of the person/persons authorized to pick up their child from the center.  Identification will be required.  We will immediately notify you by telephone in the event that an unauthorized person attempts to pick up your child.