Older Toddlers

This class consists of toddlers ranging from 20-26 months* of age with a teacher to child ratio of 1:5.

While your child is in our care they will go though many developmental stages that will help them grow and learn new tasks in their lives.  Toddlers thrive in a safe and predictable environment.  We work diligently to offer an appropriately structured classroom environment with daily group circle time and simple class rules, while still meeting the individual needs of each child.  We utilize any opportunity for outside play and adventures.  Older toddles become masters of climbing, jumping, and running.  Toddlers learn by exploring their environment and this often results in dirty clothes, shoes, and bodies, so please expect this each day. 

Milestones: using a spoon, plate, and cup; napping on a cot; and washing their own hands and brushing their teeth.

Parents will receive a daily updates on the brightwheel app. Outside the room you will find a parent information board that will inform you of our daily schedule, menus, along with information about our weekly curriculum.

*NOTE: Children are placed in classes based on development not age.



Donna has Associates degrees in Liberal Arts and General Studies from Texas Tech/El Paso Community College, and she has been a teacher at The Launching Pad for over 16 years!  Donna feels very blessed to have a family that she loves very much.  Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family and work toward being the best wife, mom, mother-in-law, grandma, and fur mommy she can be.  Donna loves to try new things, watch movies/shows, swim, garden, and cook.  She's pretty easy-going and gets excited about simple things - and loves that her granddaughter thinks she's funny.

"I love all the different stages of a child's life, but I have loved and nurtured the Older Toddlers for most of my years here.  This age is very loving, fun, and always excited to learn.  I take pride in getting these little ones ready for the Two's Class!"


Nanette has 37 years of experience working with children, and she's been right here with our students at The Launching Pad since we opened in 1990!  Nanette loves spending time with family, including her daughter, Kristy, and her granddaughter, Kalynn.  She loves going to auctions and garage sales, going to movies, and going out to eat with family and friends.

"I really enjoy the Toddlers! They are so much fun to be around!"