School Agers

The school age program stimulates the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual areas of development.  The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of individual differences in ability and interest.  The teacher facilitates the development of self-control by using positive guidance techniques such as modeling, redirecting, setting clear limits, and rewarding acceptable behavior. 

We offer before school drop off to Moore Public Schools and Newcastle Public Schools and after school pick up to Mustang Public Schools. This may seem strange, but this meets the needs of our families here at TLP.  We do not have the staffing to have School Age children here during the school year, but you are welcome to sign them up for our exciting Summer Program! 



Nanette has 37 years of experience working with children, and she's been right here with our students at The Launching Pad for 29 years!  Nanette loves spending time with family, including her daughter, Kristy, and her granddaughter, Kalynn.  She loves going to auctions and garage sales, going to movies, and going out to eat with family and friends.

"I really enjoy the School Agers! They are so much fun to be around! I love how crafty and creative they can be, and how much they enjoy helping others."