Young Toddlers

This class consists of infants and young toddlers ranging from 12-20 months* of age with a teacher to child ratio of 1:4.

While your child is in our care, they will go through many developmental stages that will help them grow and learn new tasks in their lives.   This is a lot for parents, children, and teachers to navigate.  We will need lots of input from you to help guide us through your child's transitions by letting us know what changes you are seeing at home and we will keep you informed of anything we observe.

Toddlers thrive in a safe and predictable environment.  We work diligently to offer an appropriately structured classroom environment, while still meeting the individual needs of each child.  We utilize any opportunity for outside play and enjoy adventures including buggy rides and splash days in the summer.  Toddlers learn by exploring their environment, and this often results in dirty clothes, shoes, and bodies, so please expect this each day.

Milestones: transitioning from baby food to table foods; sitting at the table to eat; learning to use a cup, plate, and spoon; transitioning from cribs to cots; and beginning to wash their own hands and brush their teeth.

Parents will receive updates throughout the day on the brightwheel app.  Outside the room, you will find a parent information board that will inform you of our daily schedule, menus, and information about our weekly curriculum.

*NOTE: Children are placed in classes based on development not age.



Erica many years of experience working with children. She has been here at The Launching Pad for over 14 years! She has a beloved nick name "Cha Cha" that one of the kids in her class gave her years ago.  Erica is married to a wonderful husband and has two beautiful daughters, and she says that working here has taught her many things about being a mother.  Erica loves to go bowling, go to the movies, and go SHOPPING!  She enjoys watching sports, especially OU football, the Dallas Cowboys, and the OKC Thunder.  She also loves spending time with her family and raising her girls!

"The Younger Toddler class is all about exploring! There are so many things that they learn in such a small amount of's my favorite age!"


Cheyenne loves working with children and is excited to start her journey at The Launching Pad. She is a graduate of Northwest Classen High School. Cheyenne is a newlywed with a brand new baby girl. She likes to read books and color. Cheyenne loves watching and playing softball.

"They're at such an impressionable age, walking around just being cute!!!"